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Serene waters adventure therapy

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Surfing | Mindfulness | empowerment | connection

We Are Helping People Through Surfing & The Outdoors

Serene Waters Adventure Therapy is a program that provides 1 on 1 surfing & mindfulness lessons (where you learn how to surf), and surf therapy groups for recovery & mental health treatment programs. We want to share the stoke & the magnificent power of the ocean with others. We also offer other therapeutic services to help people through a holistic approach. We are located in beautiful South Orange County. 

How It Works

Individual Sessions & Treatment Groups

1 on 1’s: We offer private surfing and mindfulness lessons. This is a great opportunity to learn to surf and practice mindfulness. Mindfulness can help boost your mood and promotes mental wellness. Great for any age & almost any population.


Groups: We have worked with Residential, PHP, and Outpatient  treatment & mental health programs. We tailor the groups to help address the client’s needs according to their level of care.  Our groups are a hands on experiential mindfulness group that promote mediation, surfing, empowerment, and connection to foster new coping skills for people in recovery.

For more information please visit the serene waters adventure therapy web site.

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