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Click here to pay online, or browse more pricing options. Text or call James (949) 464-7123 for availability prior to purchase. We teach in Dana Point, Laguna, & Newport Beach, and more.

1.5 hr private
lesson $149

2 hr private Group
Lessons $125-135

 Coaching Packages

Keep It Simple: Beginners surf Program $405-$729

Are you interested in building on what you learned in your first lesson or summer camp? We offer three 1.5 hours lessons, at one simple location (no travel additional unless conditions require it) with any of the Serene Waters surf coaches. This is great for all ages (6+), and perfect for those looking to build confidence. $405 with a 1: 1 ratio. Do you want to experience this program with your partner, friend, or a family member? We can offer this program for $729 with a 2 student to 1 instructor ratio with lessons that are 2 hrs. in length.



Step It Up: Intermediate
SUrf program $999

If you are really dedicated to learning surfing than this is the package for you! 10 hours of surf coaching to help you step up your game: Four, 2 hour sessions at the best locations around North & South O.C. based on swell/ surf forecast ($796 value). Four, 30 minute zoom call sessions to discuss pain points, ask questions, learn about surf, wind, and weather reports. Learn basics about ocean conditions, beach breaks, point breaks, etc. Get assistance with gear selection, surf travel tips, and more. ($199 value) Additional value: instructors travel time/ gas going to the best surf breaks (SC, DP, NB, HB), and on going text support at the end of the surf lesson package is also factored into the price. Completing this package also makes you eligible to go on intermediate surf coaching trips with Serene Waters in locations like Costa, Rica, Nicaragua, and more!

Image by Conor Sexton

Tiffany, CA

I've been wanting to surf for years & finally pulled the trigger & SO glad I did! I signed up for a package & have taken about 5 lessons now & have been standing up since day 1. Lindsay has been so encouraging and fun & is the best instructor! I look forward to every lesson


Meet Lindsay

Lindsay is also a lead instructor in the Orange County region. She has been with us Since 2020 and is one of the best in the biz. Lindsay started surfing when she moved to Orange County at the age of 12.  She absolutely fell in love with the sport and has been passionate about it ever since.  Learning at Huntington Beach, she picked it up very quickly and enjoys short boarding, long boarding, and body boarding.  


Over the years she has come to really enjoy the slower and easier island lifestyle, so on any given weekend you will probably find her long boarding at Doheny. As a huge lover of the water, the ocean has been a great source of healing and peace for her in her life, and on her spiritual journey, and she is passionate about teaching and helping others find this serenity as well. When she’s not surfing or teaching you might find her playing ukulele at the beach or performing sound and energy healing for those in need.

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