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Surf Lessons On California's Central Coast

4 Reasons Why You should Learn How to Surf in San Luis Obispo County.

San Luis Obispo County, or SLO for short, also known as the Central Coast is one of the most beautiful regions in California. With 80 miles of nearly untouched coastline that is home to farms, ranches, vinaryds, etc. it's easy to see what California looked like before it was populated with 40 million people. Surfing here definitely opens up your mind and allows you to take in the natural beauty the ocean communities have to offer on the central coast.

Surf breaks in SLO are relatively uncrowded in comparison to its neighboring regions of Southern California & the Bay area which house majority of the states population. So If surfing with 200 people in Los Angeles or Santa Cruz is not your thing then is a reason why you should consider booking a surf and stay package or taking a surf lesson with us in SLO. Let's be honest, learning how to surf requires a lot of courage and perseverance. Its not fun when you have dozens & dozens of locals, semi pros, and groms ripping it up while you struggle to catch waves, and end up in the way of other people who are just trying to have a fun surf session before they head off to work.

Depending on the season and swell direction there are nooks and crannies that are protected from big swells. For example our Cayucos pier location is nestled on the northern part of the Estro Bay and faces southwest which shelters beginner surfers from powerful waves and onshore winds that tend to hit other beaches in the area. While other beaches can also be blown out and choppy Cayucos geographical location tends to have more of a side shore wind which allows more opportunities to surf that beak throughout the day.

Pismo Beach is a huge draw when on the central coast if you want to experience the central coasts version of a classic SoCal beach town. With plenty of clean white sand, a large pier, dozens of hotels, and plenty of restaurants Pismo Beach is a classic California surf town. Even on crowded days there is plenty of beach that you can find a place to surf away from the more experienced crowd.

Finally pricing in SLO county tends to be more reasonable when it comes to food, lodging, and services compared other regions like the Bay area or Southern California. Who doesn't want to save a few dollars; especially in today's economy.

We offer surf lessons in Pismo Beach and Cayucos. Our surf school on the central coast of California would be happy to be your surf guide. Please reach out at if learning how to surf interest you.

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