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Learn to Surf in Pismo Beach California

Are you thinking of taking surf lessons at the Pismo Beach Pier? Its a great place on the central coast for a beginner to learn, and a fun town to spend time in. If you live on the central coast or are planning a vacation please reach out to Serene Waters to schedule a surf lesson.

Why is Pismo Beach a great place to learn to surf? There are several reasons. For starters it is a sandy beach break with plenty of open space. The waves break far from shore and allow gentle white wash to roll across the sand bar so its easy for beginners to pop up and ride for quite a distance. Second, once you move away from the main line up of surfers that congregate near the north, and south side of the pier the vibe in the water is pretty mellow and beginner friendly. The third reason it is a good spot to learn is that it is a consistent break. Most days there is something to surf out there as far as waves go. The final reason when you are done surfing or if the waves get blown out there is plenty to do around town.

So what should I do around town besides surf? For starters if you know where to look you can find free parking. Like anywhere else in California if you arrive to the beach late on a hot day, in the summer, or a busy weekend you will miss out on easy parking. So arrive early! One you can find good parking, two you don't want to wait too late in the day to surf. Pismo breaks best in the AM hours due to lighter winds. After your surf Woolys on the pier has an epic breakfast burrito! You can sit on their patio and enjoy a monster size breakfast burrito while you have an ocean view and people watch. There are a few unique coffee shops around town if you need an extra energy boost, and plenty of shopping to do as well. Some of the local surf shops offer unique t-shirts with custom designed art work that you can only buy here on the central coast. If you have kids there is a playground, and other family friendly attractions on the board walk.

There are plenty of epic hotels to also make it a whole weekend experience if you want to book multiple days of lessons and step up your surf game. There are also countless great restaurants, other near by local attractions, and landmarks to see that go way outside of the scope of this posting. You won't find an abundance of cookie cutter businesses here like fast food chains, and giant corporate coffee shops. It is a unique place to visit. The bottom line is you won't run out of things to do or see, and Pismo is a fun, safe, and friendly pace to learn how to surf.

We offer surf lessons at the Pismo Beach Pier, and other Central Coast beaches. What makes our Pismo Beach surf lessons different that the rest of the surf schools in town? We only offer quality surf instruction low student to instructor ratios. Most companies will mix you in a large group lesson with a variety of ages and skill levels for a cheap price. That's right cheap lessons= poor results! We offer individualized surrf lessons at Pismo Beach at a 1:1 and 2:1 student to instructor ratio. Dont get lost in the shuffle of a large surf class. Get the focus and attention you need to learn how to surf. We are here to help you and adjust the lessons to your specific needs and we really focus on safety with the little ones if you sign up your kids with us.

To book your lesson please reach out to us through our website It is best to text us for a quick response (949) 464-7123. We will see you in the line up.

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