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How To Handle A Surfboard On Dry Land

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How to safely handle a surfboard on dry land. For starters a board can be held under your arm like the picture above. When it comes to long boards and soft tops which is what most beginners will learn on. You place the center of the board on top of your head with the fins facing the sky. Place one of your hands (or both) on the board for stability (see image below). This is a much easier way to transport the board than trying to put it under you arm unless its small enough.

Remember to be mindful of how long the board is and make sure no one is around when you turn left or right. Its easy to take someone out on dry land by forgetting the board you are carrying is 8 ft. long. When you arrive at the destination you can place the board fins down in the sand if it is a soft top (remember soft tops can be used and abused and it is the only style of board we recommend that a beginner use). If you have a fiber glass board, It is suggested to place the wax side down on a towel if you do not have a case to prevent sand from getting in the wax.

Fiberglass boards are not recommended for beginners due to safety reasons. It is easy to hurt yourself and more importantly you can really hurt other people in the water if you do not know proper surf ettiequte, and have at least moderate surf skills/ technique.

If you have any other questions or comments please reach out. We do lessons, coaching, and can help you select boards/ wetsuits when you are ready to buy. We are based in San Clemente, CA and can teach you how to surf anywhere in Orange County. (949) 464-7123.

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